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Meet Rosemary Baker

Spiritual Permaculturalist & Plant Communicator 
Regenerative Ecological Consultant
Magickal Horticulturalist & Herbalist
Naturer & Nurturer of Human Progression
Qualifications and Associations:
Master of Environmental Horticulture & Restoration Ecology, Center for Urban Horticulture, University of Washington
Permaculture Design Certificate, Findhorn College, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, UK
Member of the Biodynamic Association since 2019
Sixteen years professional landscape design/build/maintenance and garden consulting in the Pacific Northwest US. 
Spiritual Training:
Certified Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon
Certified Healer and Life Activation™ Practitioner
Certified Ensofic Ray and Ensofic Reiki Practitioner
Certified Max Meditation System™ Teacher
Universal Kabbalist 
Initiate of Magick and Metaphysics in the ancient Mystery School Tradition

I am called to knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of our natural world, the Universe, God, and the Human Soul, and for sharing the many joys that come with exploring and sharing these mysteries with others through the initiatory path as well as in life.

My background includes a B.S. and Master's degree in environmental sciences, restoration ecology, and applied horticulture.  I have a Certificate in Permaculture Design from Scotland's Findhorn College, fourteen years in active horticultural design and landscaping in the Seattle-area, and seven years in professional field botany, rare plant research, and environmental consulting as a wetlands biologist in Washington, Oregon, and California.

As an initiate on an ancient Mystery School path I have spent six years cultivating psychic and spiritual gifts and refining my life's passions and purpose.  It is my mission to support others in doing the same, to achieve greater potential, higher purpose, and supporting humanity to progress into living in a lasting balance and harmony on earth.  


Why Foraging and Why the Divine Feminine?

People around the world are waking to how crucial earth and plant connecting (Earthing) is at this time on the planet. Many of these are individuals who are "Builders of the New Paradigm."  


The wild foraging movement are people seeking nature connection for many reasons: health, ancestral/tribal connections, acquiring missing nutrients in the modern diet through the medicines contained within wild foods and plants which nourish the body. All good things. All fruits of a beautiful (although singular) physical existence...


A Divine Feminine Forager lives in and explores the natural world, builds "New Paradigm" by opening all the senses: physical and spiritual. A Divine Feminine Forager cultivates passive receptivity through the quiet pond and active connection, awareness-building, acknowledging other non-human beings, and creating reverent relationships with those beings of the land (devas) and other beings of Gaia.  All states of being and actions that bring us into presence, balance, harmony, enliven & nourish the body, and nurture the soul.  


These actions and states of being are critical to acquiring missing keys of knowledge and opening to the possibilities of a multi-dimensional reality beyond the physical world.  Actions and states of being that allow opening to our own Divine Nature from within.

Lineage Mystery School Initiation and Training 

In my years of observation, we are all seekers of connection yet finding our institutions lacking keys to fully understand life on earth and this world largely disconnected and in chaos.  The keys to breaking free and living this life in connected harmony were held for thousands of years by the ancient Mystery School initiatory traditions around the world and are now available to everyone through its present day form, the Modern Mystery School International.  Through oral teachings, tools, and real transformative initiations starting with the Empower Thyself class and initiation we can become empowered to unlock the keys to living life awake, liberated, embodied, and actualized.  These keys are the foundations to building what is called the New Paradigm - a resilient "heaven on earth" for all.


Receiving light work and embarking on your unique path through initiation is an effective, time-tested, quantum-accelerating process of awakening consciousness.  Initiates learn to live as the kings and queens, Gods and Goddesses we are - fully in charge and at cause.  Initiation brings more light into our physical body, our energy body, and our DNA.  As a result we become more clear, present, pure, and empowered. The Empower Thyself class and initiation also offers ancient, pure knowledge about the nature of the human spirit/soul/body, the Universe, our life on earth - all of which assists us to move towards a truer experience and expression of ourselves. If you desire or seek ways to accelerate spiritual progression, awaken or elevate your senses, your gifts, and connectivity to all of life, or you want tools that support you in discovering or refining your life's purpose I strongly urge you to consider the path of initiation and advanced spiritual training with the Modern Mystery School.  If this interests you, you are welcome to email me to arrange a time to speak by phone/Zoom/Skype or consult with me in person in the Austin, TX area.  If you are located elsewhere, I will likely be able to offer referrals to other Mystery School Guides and Practitioners in your local area.  For more info visit

The time for transcendent evolution on earth is now.  


Images of Rosemary by Awakened Divine Photography

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